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We specialize in Student Debt Merchant Accounts and student debt relief merchant accounts. We approve practically every business type, even if you have been turned down for payment processing.With decades of experience, our team is here to help. Even if you have been shut down by your current processor, we have a solution for your particular situation. We’re available to answer any questions and provide ongoing continued support for our valued customers.

Don’t hesitate, call us immediately for assistance. Our dedicated staff is standing by to assist you. Our typical turn-around time is 3 business days and in some cases the same day. We look forward to working with you  Apply Today

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High Risk Merchant Account LLC can approve student debt merchant accounts for companies offering student debt relief and student debt consolidation. These businesses typically perform document preparation on behalf of students who are looking to utilize the company’s expertise and industry knowledge to lower monthly payments or to apply for student debt forgiveness. The industry usually faces hurdles when it comes to finding a merchant services provider. We are specialists in high risk merchant account and can get this industry approved for credit card processing. Don’t delay, give us a call today. Our staff is standing by to assist you with your payment processing needs.

We Approve:

  • Student Debt Relief
  • Student Debt Forgiveness
  • Student Debt Consolidation
  • Student Debt Modification
  • Student Debt Doc Preparation
  • Student Loan Doc Preparation

What Is A Student Debt Merchant Account:

A student debt merchant account provides companies who offer student debt services, the ability to perform electronic payment processing for payment on goods and services. Payment processing can include high risk ach processing, debit card processing, and credit card processing. Companies offering payment plans should also consider adding an automated recurring billing module, to reduce man hours on recurring monthly billing.

Who Needs Student Debt Merchant Accounts:

Student debt companies would not survive without merchant accounts to process credit cards and other forms of payments. This is one industry that is on fire in recent years, growing at an exponential rate with no slowdown in sight. With student debt at the highest levels in history this vertical is well positioned for success for many years to come. Student loan debt has been one topic that has consistently topped headlines for close to a decade now. According to, student debt in the United States has topped 1.5 Trillion Dollars. With a growing amount of debt coupled with a default rate of 11.5 percent and a delinquency rate of about 5.4 percent, there are great concerns about what the future of the student debt market looks like. This is only further emphasized when we are talking about a pie that is about $1.4 trillion dollars large. Student debt relief, forgiveness, and consolidation services have emerged as one of the solutions for some of the debtors dealing with debt repayment issues. Due to governmental intervening in the late 1990’s to the banking sector, the ability to file bankruptcy on a school loan is virtually impossible. Former students that may be struggling to keep up with payments because of misfortune, the inability to find a job or the payments just being too high create a need in the market. This only further reinforces the need for outlets and services in which struggling owners of student loan debt can turn to for help. This trend will continue for many years to come.

Whenever a business is dealing with debt, there tends to be a certain risk that is accepted by the service provider. A high level of risk involved in processing transactions, is not something that traditional banks gravitate towards. The likeliness of a student debt business dealing with patrons with poor or damaged credit along with carrying a amount of debt they are unable to currently pay only heightens the potential risk. This is exactly where a high risk merchant account service can make all the difference. At High Risk Merchant Account, LLC, we strive to make sure your student debt business does not miss a beat. Having the ability to process credit and debit cards for your customers not only expands your business’ reach, but it also improves customer satisfaction. Customer’s purchasing services or goods in any industry appreciate options. Having the ability to accept multiple forms of payment for your services does just that. Not only will this ease the process the customer has to go through to pay you, but it also expands your customer base to include anyone that wishes to pay over the phone or online. The need for debt relief is very present in the student debt market. Push your student debt service to new levels with a credit card merchant services from High Risk Merchant Account, LLC

Multiple Payment Platforms:

We offer multiple payment platforms for the credit repair industry. Options include ecommerce payment solutions, such as online shopping carts for website clients to board payments. We also offer capability for telephone merchants using virtual terminals for staff to input phone transactions and full CRM payment integration for call center payment processing. Our experience staff can tailor an individual plan to suit your individual business needs.

  • Ecommerce Payment Gateways
  • Full CRM Payment Integration
  • Automated Recurring Payment Modules

Our Benefits:

  • Speedy Secure Online Application offers fast merchant approvals.
  • Diverse Processing Solutions, include CRM Integration, Ecommerce
  • Your Own Account Manager to expedite the approval process.
  • Diversified Acquirers with appetites for the student debt industry.
  • Streamline Turn-Around Time On Approvals

Our Mission:

Our goal is to approve all merchants, regardless if you have been shut down or turned down in the past. We understand mitigating circumstances such as chargeback ratios and exponential monthly volume growth can devastate a bank relationship, causing a merchant closure or substantial holds place on an account to protect the bank from losses. We are dedicated to making every attempt to resolve issues and get your account approved. Our commitment to excellence and going the extra mile to exhaust every opportunity is our mantra. We strive to exceed expectations and utilize our expertise and competence to deliver unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment:

With our team’s unique experience in the payment space, we bring the vital expertise to get your account approved quickly and painlessly. Our staff is committed to providing unsurpassed customer service and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to discuss all of your credit card processing needs.


At High Risk Merchant Account LLC, your business success is our ultimate goal. Our dedicated staff is standing by to assist you in navigating the payment processing space. With decades of experience, our team is committed to providing competent knowledgeable advice and a plan of action to get your merchant account approved quickly. Call us immediately to get on the fast track for a student debt merchant account approval. Our typical turn-around time is 3-5 business days and in certain cases the very same day. We look forward to working with you!     Apply Online Today