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HRMA-LLC specializes in the best high risk merchant account and high risk credit card processing. We can approve practically every business type, even if you have been turned down for payment processing. With decades of experience, our team is here to help. Even if you have been shut down by your current processor, we have a solution for your particular situation. We are available to answer any questions and provide continued support for our valued customers

Don't hesitate, call us immediately for assistance. Our dedicated staff is standing by to assist you. Our typical turn-around time is 3 business days and in some cases the same day. We look forward to working with you Apply Today

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What is a High Risk Merchant Account?

Understanding the term high risk merchant account can be somewhat confusing at times. Generally speaking, your credit card processing company is responsible for any risks in your transactions. While your transactional history may be healthy, and proof that your business is successful, your processor may be reluctant to accept you as a client if they believe your business puts them at risk. This is why the high-risk merchant designation is incredibly subjective, with each processor and bank working with their own standards of classifying businesses types.

Industries like travel, nutra, debt collection, timeshare, tech support, cbd cannabis, student loan, and credit repair are obvious examples of high-risk merchant account industries. Unfortunately, as there is no industry-wide standard used to determine high risk merchants, some surprising businesses like travel agents, retail and even life coaches fall into the high-risk category.

Many small business owners only hear the term "high risk merchant accounts" when they learn they have been deemed a credit risk by their bank. This revelation usually feels a bit mysterious at first and, in some cases, you may feel as though you and/or your business have been judged unfairly. But this isn’t the case. From the perspective of your bank/merchant provider, "high-risk" means your business is exposed to risk for chargebacks and has nothing to do with the performance of your business or what it has done.

High Risk Merchant Account LLC have distinguished ourselves as a leader in the high risk merchant service space. With decades of experience in the space, our team dominates the industry in proving unsurpassed customer attention and ultimately the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our staff can evaluate your current situation and offer expert advice going forward, based on your existing business needs. We understand the particular issues associated with many high risk verticals and assist you in obtaining a credit card processing solutions that best meets your needs. We work with a diverse mix of merchant acquirers with risk tolerances and appetites for most high risk industries. We can also support high volume merchants and high volume ach processing. Our payment platforms include high risk payment gateways, CRM integrations, virtual terminals, and credit card point-of-sale solutions. Our dedicated team is standing by to assist you. Call us today to discuss all of your domestic high risk merchant processing needs.

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What Is High Risk Credit Card Processing?

High-risk credit card processing companies treat businesses differently based on the degree of potential financial risk to their processor. Your business will be carefully judged and the processor will determine whether it falls into the "high-risk" category and require a high risk credit card processing account.

Running a business today typically requires that you allow your customers the option of making payments with credit or debit cards. In fact, credit/debit cards processing are just about the only way you can get paid for your services if you are a eCommerce entrepreneur. Though small businesses can get by with payment gateways like PayPal or Square, an upgrade to a full-service merchant will be required once your business reaches a certain size. While it would be great if credit card processors treated all businesses equally, the reality is they don't.


What Is High Risk Merchant Services?

High risk merchant services is a merchant account that enables businesses in the high risk category to accept credit and debit card payments from customers. While it was safe to say cash was king in times past, the tide is changing. Serious, profit-oriented businesses need to accept electronic payments, and signing up for a merchant account is the only way to do that.

High risk merchant services including everything from hardware and software to specific products that ensure high risk merchants can process online or mail order sales. The function of high risk merchant service is so important that the moment when a customer swipes their card through a card terminal marks only the initial part of the process. Following this process, a complex communication process between your business's bank and the customer's bank takes place, at which time an intricate communication process takes place and which is handled by a merchant service. Although the cost of a high risk merchant services is typically higher than that of a traditional merchant service, most business owners still opt for their services as they enable them make sales that might otherwise be impossible.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to approve all merchants, regardless if you have been shut down or turned down in the past. We understand mitigating circumstances such as chargeback ratios and exponential monthly volume growth can devastate a bank relationship, causing a merchant closure or substantial holds place on an account to protect the bank from losses. We are dedicated to making every attempt to resolve issues and get your account approved. Our commitment to excellence and going the extra mile to exhaust every opportunity is our mantra. We strive to exceed expectations and utilize our expertise and competence to deliver unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment:

With our teams unique experience in the payment space, we bring the vital expertise to get your account approved quickly and painlessly. Our staff is committed to providing unsurpassed customer service and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to discuss all of your credit card processing needs.


At High Risk Merchant Account LLC, your business success is our ultimate goal. Our dedicated staff is standing by to assist you in navigating the payment processing space. With decades of experience, our team is committed to providing competent knowledgeable advice and a plan of action to get your merchant account approved quickly. Call us immediately to get on the fast track for high risk merchant processing approval. Our typical turn-around time is 3-5 business days and in certain cases the very same day. We look forward to working with you! Apply Online Now !!!