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White Paper Series


Understanding Credit Card Fees – Download white paper on understanding credit card fees. Outlines a complete understanding of association fees and MSP costs and mark-ups. Giving merchants a better understanding industry fee structures.

Understanding Rolling Reserve Requirements – Download white paper on the full understanding of rolling reserve requirements. Giving merchants a full understanding of why reserve requirements are necessary to protect banks from losses incurred by unpaid chargebacks.

Understanding Chargebacks – Download white paper on understanding the full story on chargebacks. Offering merchants a complete understanding of the pitfalls associated with customer chargebacks.

Preventing Chargebacks – Download white paper on preventing chargebacks. Offers merchants a knowledge base on chargeback prevention, giving you a insight into reducing your chargeback loss exposure.

Understanding Chargeback Mitigation – Download white paper on understanding the importance of mitigating chargebacks. When prevention fails merchants need a full understanding of defending chargebacks and win disputes for reversals of chargeback losses.

Understanding Chargeback Fraud – Download white paper on understanding chargeback fraud. Offering merchants an explanation of chargeback fraud and how to identify it and defend yourself againstchargeback fraudsters.

Understanding Excessive Chargeback Ratios – Download white paper outlining how to monitor chargeback ratios and keep yourself from getting terminated for excessive chargeback ratios.