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Payment Processing For Vacation Clubs Can Be A Challenge

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What is Vacation Club?

Vacation clubs are slightly different than the timeshare. Vacation clubs are programs that provide you a place to stay during the vacation in selected resorts. On the other hand, for a timeshare, you have to participate in the program. With the starting price from $5,000 till $1 million. After you have registered, you can choose from the resorts where you will be staying. You have to pay for each residency.

Apart from this, you have to pay additional yearly charges such as membership fee or maintenance fees. There is two major distinctions between the timeshare program and vacation club. In timeshare programs, you usually own a certain resort for specified dates either:

  • A base week interval
  • Several one-week intervals.

Furthermore, most of the timeshares, contribute in exchange programs. You have the chance to exchange your intervals at other places and dates. This exchange must be within the exchange program. On the other hand, in a vacation club, you have no base interval for date and place. The duration and place depend on the amount of occupancy you buy. Your stay doesn’t have to be restricted to one week. You can visit for one or two nights. Moreover, some of the vacation clubs let you transfer or sell your membership. But in timeshares, you can get the membership of the club as a resale. In case you don’t buy the membership for resale, you cannot transfer your interest.

There are few vacation clubs that promise to give your initial payment back. They will be returning it at a set partial value or full value.


The vacation clubs can be divided into 3 groups, the division is based on management and sponsorship. They are:

Main Hotel and Resort Chains

Some of the most famous names of the hotels and resorts that are vacation clubs are:

  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Hyatt
  • Disney
  • Hilton
  • Westin
  • Four Seasons
  • Wyndham

Condo/ Resort Chains

There are some vacation clubs that run their own system of affiliated vacation accommodations. These are not associated with any hotel chain. The range of accommodation starts from condos to mid-price separate villas. Some of them are situated in resort areas while some in the cities. They include:

  • Royal Aloha
  • WorldMark
  • Vacation Internationale
  • Bluegree
  • Diamond
  • World Vacations Club
  • Shell Vacations.

High-end Ownership Program

Some of the programs include the association of individuals who have expensive properties across the globe. The members have to buy their share in the ownership of the property. The starting price is near $100,000 till $1 million. They are usually called Destination Clubs. Some of them are:

  • Markers Destination Club
  • Ultimate Escapes
  • Equity Estates
  • Hideaways Club.

Challenges Of Vacation Club Payment Processing

The challenge for these businesses is to keep their members happy to remain in good standing with their payment processor. Many times customers will get buyers remorse and try to create a chargeback, rather than approaching the seller for a refund. Many times yearly fees can become an issue when the member forgets about their contract and receives an unexpected charge. Business owners are quite often are walking on a tight-rope when it comes to getting shut down by their payment processor.

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