eCommerce: Reduce Credit Card Fraud

Reducing Credit Card Fraud For eCommerce Merchants

Ecommerce Fraud

Credit card frauds have become one of the biggest headaches faced by merchants who live in every corner of the world. As a result, all the merchants who offer goods are services are at the risk of losing huge amounts of money. Here is a list of few effective tips, which can be followed in order to stay away from credit card frauds.

Get to know the IP location of your customers

You can easily track the location of your customers via the IP address. Some of the locations are associated with a higher probability of scams when compared to others. If you can figure out that geo-location beforehand, you will get the opportunity to reject doing business with those customers. Comparing the geo-location with billing address  IP address can be used to track the geo-location. Then you can compare it with the billing address to determine whether you are dealing with a genuine customer or not. If you want to make sure that the customer is a legitimate one or not, you can give a phone call and verify.

See whether the country is associated with a higher risk

You can get hold of a list of countries that are associated with the highest risk of credit card fraud. Then you can take necessary steps to stop doing business with customers who come from those countries.

See whether anonymous use of free email has been used

It has been identified that most of the credit card frauds are associated with free emails. Therefore, you can think about using the email address as a parameter in order to stay away from potential fraud.

Check whether an anonymous proxy has been used

Some of the credit card frauds take place via anonymous proxies. Therefore, you can think about analyzing whether your customers come through an anonymous proxy. If you do, you can refrain from doing businesses with those individuals.

Check whether the delivery address is a mailbox

Most of the fraudsters don’t tend to expose their real information such as the address. As a result, they use mailboxes in order to get their products delivered.

Check whether the phone number is a valid one

You can simply give a call to the customer after order confirmation to see whether it is a valid one or not.

Use AVS to ensure customer knows the billing address

The credit card issuing bank should map with the zip code of the billing address. If not, it would be a good idea to refrain from doing business.

Use CVV2 to verify card was present
Your CVV2 verification will reduce stolen card number fraud, if only the card number was stolen.

Give a call to the credit card issuing bank

Contacting the credit card issuing bank can also be considered as a convenient method that is available for you to identify whether you are dealing with a legitimate customer or not.

Ask for more information if there is a doubt

Whenever you come across a doubt, you should never think twice before you initiate the business.

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